Equity in Education Coalition of Montgomery County

To demonstrate the broad support for education equity in Montgomery County Public Schools, MCEF convened the Equity in Education Coalition of Montgomery County (EEC) a coalition of parent, educator, student and community-based organizations united around a common equity agenda for the Montgomery County Public Schools.

EEC member groups are:

The EEC Mission 

For the sake of all of our children, the Equity in Education Coalition commits to join hands across race, ethnicity, class, and individual/organizational agendas, in a clear, loud, unified, resounding voice, to guide MCPS toward genuine delivery of equitable and excellent education to every child, in every classroom and every school.

EEC fundamentally believes that every child deserves and is entitled to a high quality public education and high expectations irrespective of race, class, ethnicity, language, or physical ability.

EEC's initiative, "NO LABELS, NO LIMITS!" is the Coalition's ongoing campaign to end the global screening process that begins at the end of second grade and invariably sorts or "tracks" students, limiting the academic opportunities of many children - add statement about all children/high quality education 

EEC demands a policy change that moves the County's public schools away from labels toward a paradigm that provides every child the appropriate challenge and support. Only through equitable educational opportunities will all children be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.