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Posted below are a number of published articles you may find interesting. For now they are listed in reverse chronological order of publication; eventually we intend to make this a searchable resource.

To read Jay Mathews' report on programs for gifted students given to everyone with excellent results, Click Here.

To read Paul Tough's thoughts on how to close the achievement gap, Click Here.

To read Sam Dillon's report on schools' attempts to close the achievement gap, Click Here.

To read Agnes Janiski's report on Takoma Park's shift to differentiated instruction, Click Here.

To read Pedro Noguera's thoughts on school reform and discrimination, Click Here.

To read Mark Adelman's assertion that we should watch MCPS policies and decisions closely, Click Here.

To read Alfie Kohn's concerns about the effect of increased homework, Click Here.

To read Sean Sedam's report on an MCPS official's concerns about global screening, Click Here.

To read Bank Street's detailed research on small schools in Chicago, Click Here.

To read Joseph Renzulli's perspective on gifted student education, Click Here.